Kevin Kafka

Board of Directors

kevinsmKevin first time to Boston was to sign a lease and open New England’s first medical marijuana evaluation clinic and cannabis therapy treatment center and immediately fell in love with New England. Canna Care Docs was born and has evolved into twenty-two clinics providing access to state medical marijuana programs in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia and Maryland. Kevin is proud to employ over one hundred Canna Care team members & his role as a job creator is a source of great pride.

Kevin started his working life at the Chicago Board of Trade working for LaSalle Futures as a commodity broker specializing on soy beans contracts. Kevin then went on to work for a major restaurant group in operation/logistics management, which he left to pursue his passion for cannabis and wellness in 2006. Since then Kevin has worked in the Colorado’s booming cannabis market as cultivator, entrepreneur and founder/operated of Kafka Consulants, one of the states largest and most respected dispensary consulting companies. Kevin has help fund numerous Cannabis business and has provided mentorship to many young Cannabis entrepreneur.

Kevin was honored to have recently been asked to join the board of the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine. Kevin resides in Nederland, Colorado with his wife, two young daughters & his dog Roxie.

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