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"Where the Ocean meets the Farm." Our line of compost-based soils, enriching mulches, soil supplements and now liquid fertilizers, are designed to enhance and support healthy soil biology. We compost residuals sourced locally in Maine and New Brunswick, such as shellfish (lobster & crab), salmon, wild blueberries, and cow manure. We blend these rich materials with other local ingredients, like tree bark and seaweed to create exceptional organically approved soils designed to meet the needs of the most demanding amateur and professional growers. Our Stonington Blend Platinum Growers Mix was designed completely with cannabis growers in mind. Rich in nutrients and formulated with amendments known to boost budding, blooming and root development, Stonington Blend™ is enough to feed a single cannabis plant through a full grow cycle in a 15 gallon pot! It was also carefully formulated from natural ingredients to provide an ideal balance between water retention, soil texture, drainage and aeration in a consistent growing medium. “Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants!”


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