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All Classes are $50.00 Must pre-register Please call 207-395-5447 to pre-register
NO Charge to all Veterans!

The Freedom from Addiction recovery support group on Fridays 6-8 is going even stronger after a few weeks. This group is free, cannabis-friendly/cannabis optional, and all are welcome. Give us a call at 207-395-5447 for more information about the group, the classes, or other ways we can support you in your use of medical cannabis.

Saturday May 20
Cannabis Strain Review and Selection 4:00-6:00PM
Learn the difference between sativa, indica, and cannabidiol strains of medical cannabis. Instructors Catherine Lewis and Shanna Souza will also discuss which strains are helpful for different conditions.

Saturday May 27
Make Your Own Cannabis Topicals 4:00-6:00PM
Learn how to make your own medicine! Teachers Catherine Lewis and Shanna Souza will show you how to make tinctures enabling attendees to make their own medicine from their preferred strains at home.






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