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UPDATE on Work Session and Also LD1135

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Yesterday, the Committee on Health and Human Services divided along party lines on LD 764 "An Act To Prohibit the Exclusion of a Patient from Eligibility for an Organ Transplant Based on Medical Marijuana Use" to produce a Majority who voted that the Bill 'Ought Not Pass'. As you know, current Medical Recommendation holders in the state may donate organs, but not receive them. We would like to urge you to contact your local Rep (See Link Below), and urge them to vote for the 'Minority Report' on LD 764 when it is voted on in the House. This will likely be early next week, so that Time Is Critical. The Minority Report ammends the language to read:

4905A Discrimination prohibited.

(2) For the purposes of medical care, including organ transplants, a registered qualifying patient's authorized use of marijuana in accordance with this chapter shall be considered the equivalent of the authorized use of any other medication used at the direction of a physician, and shall not constitute the use of an illicit substance or otherwise disqualify a qualifying patient from needed medical care.

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Also, LD 1135

"An Act to Strengthen the Efficacy of the Medical Marijuana Laws"

LD 1135 is currently tabled in the House awaiting reference to committee. The original committee suggested was the 'Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee'. As this Bill restructures several important facets of Maine's Medical Marijuana Program, it is Critical that this bill be assigned to the 'DHHS Committee' and worked by seasoned lawmakers who understand the challenges of the Medical Program. Please contact your Representatives and urge them to have the House assign LD 1135 to the DHHS Committee. Here are some points that you can refer to. Thank you for your time!

Dawsons letter