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New Bills out Last Week

Folks...these new bills out last week...they will be coming up at the work sessions anytime we need to SHOUT OUT NOW !
Write to your Representatives! Send in your testimonies!
Be heard!

New Bills out Last Week:

LD 1448: “An Act To Clarify Certain Provisions of the Marijuana Legalization Act and To Deter the Use of Marijuana by Minors”

This Bill has Emergency Status (Goes into effect as soon as signed).
Caps Caregivers to those registered prior to December 31st 2016.
Allows Dispensaries to sell ‘Limited’ adult use Cannabis prior to receiving State-issued licenses. (All while hiding behind a title to protect the children)

LD 1431: “An Act To Dedicate a Portion of the Tax on the Sale of Marijuana to Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Law Enforcement Costs and Regulatory Oversight”

This Bill increases the Tax Rate for Medical Cannabis from 5.5% to 15% and proposes the same tax rate for Adult Use.