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In Memory Of R Cullen Stuart

We are sad to announce the tragic passing of our dear friend and long time Advisory Board member Cullen Stuart. He was a long time activist and supporter of the cannabis movement. As an elder in the community he helped educate not only our legislature and community at large, he helped educate the new generation of hemp farmers. Our support and prayers go to his family. He will be fondly remembered and greatly missed!

Robert “Cullen” Stuart moved to Maine from Chariton, Iowa in the early 1980's. Always eager to learn, he graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a degree in Soil and Water Science. He worked for many years in the Lincoln Pulp and Paper Mill in the Environmental Dept., helping ensure that the mill stayed in compliance with environmental laws. Ever the fighter for truth and justice, he was a life long advocate for the hemp plant and it's many uses. In a time not so long ago, when it was not popular, if not risky, to speak out against cannabis prohibition, he never let prohibitionists malign “The Herb Superb”. His Hemp Education Booth was a strong presence at the Maine Organic Farmer and Gardner's Association Common Ground Fair for over 30 years. Throughout his life, he was an important voice of unbounded hemp enthusiasm, educating crowds of children and adults alike on the many benefits of the hemp plant to society. His love for the hemp plant was only exceeded by his love of his wife, Sarah. Cullen was a kind, generous person, always there to help before he was asked or before others even knew there was a need. He was loved by many and will be sorely missed. And don't get me started on his dissection of the so called War on Drugs...

Steve Ruhl