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Maine CDC Rulemaking

This message provides notice of rulemaking by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention for the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program Rule, 10-144 C.M.R. Ch.122.
You can access the complete rule and related rulemaking documents by going to the Maine CDC Rules webpage. Interested parties may request a paper copy of this adopted rule by calling (207) 287-9394 or Maine Relay number 711.
Additional information regarding the rulemaking process and weekly rulemaking updates can be found by going to the Secretary of State website.



CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: 10-144 CMR, Chapter 122; Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program Rule

BRIEF SUMMARY: The adopted rule implements changes enacted by the 126th and 127th Legislature, removes language that duplicates statutes, corrects grammatical errors, outdated language and inconsistencies, and provides clarification regarding the Department’s policies and practices specific to regulating the cultivation, dispensing and possession of marijuana for medical use.

Changes establish the following: new terms and definitions; a system to monitor and enforce compliance actions; and requirements for registry identification card applications, patient designations, written certifications, including medical provider-patient relationship, and reporting and record-keeping by caregivers and dispensaries. The adopted rule prohibits a visiting patient from cultivating marijuana for medical use, requires Department-approval to acquire excess marijuana, and requires medical provider endorsement to petition to add to the list of debilitating conditions. Additionally, the adopted rule removes the provision requiring the identification of an authorized person to be held by the caregiver or dispensary while the person is in the cultivation area, permits a medical provider to proceed with certifying a minor patient in the absence of a list of consulting physicians and requires nursing facilities that assist qualifying patient to have policies related to the storage, use and administration of marijuana for medical use. Changes clarify what constitutes a “collective” and update application fees to be consistent with current practice.

CONTACT PERSON FOR THIS FILING: Bridget Bagley, Maine CDC; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;207-287-9394
AGENCY WEBSITE: http://mainepublichealth.gov/rules

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