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MMCM is proud to announce Maine's 1st cannabis radio show.

MMCM is sponsoring the show and we are working with 107.9 Mix Maine.  The show will last 1 hour from 6PM to 7PM weekly on Mondays.  The show will be hosted by station DJ Chris Rush and MMCM board member, Dawson Julia.  Weekly guests will include: Senators and Representatives, activists, attorneys, doctors......etc.  The show will be dedicated to informing, educating and activating Maine citizens who wish to help us fight the war of stigma and fear.  Listeners can call in to ask questions or voice opinions. 

miixWe also plan to play lots of cannabis friendly music in between the conversations.  Our 1st show is scheduled to start Feb 19th at 6PM so please be sure to tune in and tell your friends. 

If you wish to help MMCM and our fight please consider becoming a member, making a donation or becoming active together with us in Augusta.  There is currently a standby list for businesses that wish to advertise on the radio show so please let us know if you would like to be added to the list.  Contact Cheryl at the office 207-596-3501 for more information.