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UPDATE... LD 1539 & LD 238 Passed!

Monday was an amazing day. We watched as the two bills that we all created were passed into law. I was so excited and kind of scared at the same time. So many changes, so many new opportunities for people in the community. There were a lot of compromises made, some not as good as others, but as a whole it great for the medical cannabis program in Maine. Thank you to all who helped in one way or another. LD 238 is in effect now for processors and manufactures. You musty notify the dept with you're intention to get a license and that you are acting in good faith. LD 1539 will go into effect 90 days from adjournment of the session, so please be patient. Also please be patient with the girls in the department, they are understaffed for the new administrative burdens placed on them. It will take a few weeks to get it figured out and to be able to answer your questions. Thank you again for all of the support and help in protecting the medical cannabis program.

Catherine Lewis

President, MMCM

Staff & Board Members


Links to Finalized Bills...  LD1539  ( 90 days, we anticipate the beginning of Nov ) & LD238 (effective immediately)