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Come Rally with us!

Tuesday, February 5th

Rally For CBD and Hemp Farmer Rights
Tomorrow 9 AM • Maine State House • Augusta, Maine

Recently the Maine CDC and Department of Agriculture have issued new policies which make hemp CBD food products illegal to sell unless you are a caregiver or dispensary selling to a certified patient. About 90+% of all hemp grown in Maine will be added to food products of some sort. Many CBD retail stores are now in unforeseen distress. Millions of dollars of upscale high tech laboratories have been built in Maine specifically to extract food grade products from hemp. Hundreds of taxpaying employees have been hired. Citizens are experiencing unexpected benefits from CBD products throughout our state. In short most in the industry have their livelihoods on the line. We have invested everything and this is how we make our living. Please come to Augusta to help explain to our elected officials why we need emergency action to fix this as soon as possible. STARTING 9AM ENDING WHEN WE GET A ANSWER OF HOW AND WHEN WE GET OUR RESTORED FREEDOM AND LIVELIHOOD. MEET UNDER THE DOME 3RD FLOOR. If you can not make it please make sure to call and voice your concerns: House 207-287-1400 Senate 207-287-1540 LEAVE CBD ALONE AND PLEASE FOCUS ON OPIOIDS!!