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RE: CBD/Hemp FDA Memo & Maine's Response


MMCM Trade Association
RE: CBD/Hemp FDA Memo & Maine's Response
The State of Maine has mistakenly made a stance against the use of CBD as an ingredient in consumable items, except as a medical cannabis patient/caregiver/dispensary.
Notices are being distributed stating no sales of consumable cbd products are allowed due the memo from the FDA stating it is not an approved food ingredient.
Hemp has been legalized nationally through the farm bill. None of the compounds found in hemp were excluded in that legalization. Hemp oil including all of its cannabinoids have been safely used orally forever. Not only has it been used safely it has been found to help many medical ailments. CBD itself is non-psycho active and does not cause a "high". Maine has a legal hemp program, a legal medical cannabis program and a legal adult use program. None of those laws prohibit any component of the cannabis/hemp plant. Maine is developing a vibrant and robust economy around these three programs. Jobs have been created, farms are being revitalized and the industry is thriving. Patients using CBD only for wellness have been able to safely source locally the products they consume without the additional cost of a medical certification until now. The State of Maine is benefiting through fees and taxes, the Maine people are benefiting with employment, business opportunities and improved wellness.
If the Dept of Agriculture, CDC and D.A.s Office continue down this path, they will lose yet another industry that the Maine people need. There are many companies that have invested in Maine by the millions that are now looking to relocate to Massachusetts and other states that are open to their businesses.
While the Trade Association has supported the certification process in the Maine Medical Cannabis Program, hemp is nationally legal and all natural derivatives from the hemp should be available to all citizens.
Please let your State Reps know how devastating this stance is and ask that the Governors' office put a hold on this action.

Catherine Lewis
Board Chair
MMCM Trade Association
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We need to reach out to our representatives ...find your representative here...


AND, we should all reach out to the Governor's Office, asking to put a HOLD on this action!