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Upcoming MMCM Classes

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  Manufacturers and Processors…..governing the new law LD 238... (sign up now to reserve a seat)   Call Cheryl  207-596-3501)

August 2018 Classes

MMCM Series 101 Caregiver Class Tuesday,  August 7th,  2018   1:00pm – 4:30pm Homegrown Healthcare Center, 662 Stanley Rd, Winthrop, ME 04364  (Cost 150.00 for both classes)

Introduction to Maine Medical Marijuana Laws.   Current Rules and regulations  (With a brief overview of LD 1539  that will be enacted sometime around  Oct 21st, 2018)

Introduction to Caregiving Business.  Legal business structures and requirements, startup costs, taxes and insurance. State Caregiver applications including Employee records and Client record keeping and Info on finding and retaining patients.


Sept 10th, 2018 Employer Workplace Safety Training

Join us on Sept 10th, 2018 6:00pm-8:00pm Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine

662 Stanley Road, Winthrop, ME (corner of Route 202 & 135, Stanley Road)

(Donations at the door to MMCM)

Linda Doran, Instructor, Maine Labor Group

*Certificate will be issued *OSHA required w/ 5 or more employees…. Suggested for all employers

Does your workplace communicate it's material hazards to it's employees?

What cleaning products could be a problem?

When should you be wearing safety clothing?

Do you use any chemicals that could have a reaction to other chemicals?

This OSHA approved course covers the Right-to-Know laws regarding Hazard Communications for employees in workplaces where chemicals are present. It includes how to interpret the general concepts of toxicology, label hazard rating system details and interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets. It also provides an overview of working safely with hazardous chemicals, including containment and confinement control measures and using personal protective equipment.
It explains what hazardous chemicals are as classified under the Hazard Communication Standard and consistent with the new Globally Harmonized System. Additionally, our course explains how to read Safety Data Sheets and describes employee rights and responsibilities connected to hazardous chemicals and workplace safety.

Contact Cheryl @ MMCM office  207-596-3501 to reserve a seat!


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