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Medical Marijuana Caregivers Maine has been in the State House every session since 2011 working to improve the state’s medical marijuana laws.



Teaching classes and providing informational sessions. Medical Marijuana Caregivers program Series 101, Intro to Caregiving, Maine Medical Marijuana Laws, best practices and, more for patients, caregivers and anyone who wants to be educated.



MMCM provides support and resources to patients and caregivers across Maine with Municipality issues, legal cases and correspondence with DHHS and other related agencies.

MMCM Office for Thanksgiving!

MMCM Office will be closed Nov 22nd, thru Nov 24th ......Happy Thanksgiving!


HERE’S What’s happening in the Medical Marijuana World in Maine

Saturday, November 18th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

American Legion,  213 Capitol St, Augusta, ME (Look for the big Army Tank in front of the Building)


Join us for an Informational with Speaker, Catherine Lewis, Board Chair of MMCM

Information & Education on the NEW rules and regulations that effects Caregivers and Patients. Come to educate yourself for a better understanding!

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MMMP RULE Changes Overview

The Department may/must-

• Take action necessary to ensure compliance.

• Request specific documents as proof of authorized conduct

o Patients must have photo ID and written cert

o Registered caregiver must have photo ID, registry ID card and designation card and designation form- up to maximum 5 cards and active patients; and trip tickets if transporting

o A primary caregiver employee or principal offi...


MMCM Network Meetings

Networking Meetings in November 2017


Boothbay - Nov 22nd, 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm



Networking Meetings December 2017

During the month of December we do what they call the “Christmas Yankee Swap” . These are fun meetings..everyone brings a gift, everyone has a number, the first person chooses any gift on the table, the next person..#2 chooses a gift and must decide...