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legislate MMCM

MMCM has been in the State House Every session since 2010 Working to Improve and preserve. The Maine Medical Cannabis Laws.



Teaching Classes and providing Informational sessions. Medical Cannabis Program series 101, Intro to Maine Medical Cannabis laws, & best practices. Education for everyone. Patients, caregivers, Storefronts.



MMCM Provides support and Resources to patients and Caregivers Across Maine with Municipality issues, Legal cases and correspondence with DHHS and other related agencies.

Why Membership

There is always more work to do!

With an MMCM membership you are supporting continuing work to ensure that Caregivers, Patients, Storefronts, Processors and Growers have a voice in the development of Maine’s Medical Marijuana laws & Rules.

Together we can keep Maine “The best Medical Cannabis Program in the country.”

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