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Equipment Sales / Service

Comfort Flowers

207-313-6850 |

Our goal at Comfort Flowers 420 is to serve you, the customer, in any way we can to meet your needs. Our plants are vibrant, healthy growing and thriving plants. Our packages and services are strategically combined to give you the best chance of getting top-notch medicine that meets your needs.

Poseidon Hydrotech

Poseidon Hydrotech

(978) 729-2066 |

Poseidon Hydrotech has a proven track record of helping growers take their operations to the next level. We specialize in various kinds of
grow, but have the most experience in hydroponics. We have a modular system that can adapt to any and all conditions.

Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems

Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems

207-864-2787 |

Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems, a Sales & Service Dealer has been providing generator sales and service throughout New England for over 10 years with (2) locations in Maine and (1) in Massachusetts.

The Hashery

207-894-3400 |

16 Whites Bridge Road

Windham,  ME 04062

Maggie Terry


207-894-3400 Office

207-347-0011 Cell