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Nova Analytic Labs Opens Drop-Box in Winthrop to Serve Medical Marijuana Customers in Central Maine

Medical marijuana cultivators, caregivers and processors in the Augusta area will be glad to hear that there is a new sample drop box located in Winthrop. Nova Labs is partnering with the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (MMCM) for the location of the drop box at 662 Stanley Road. The office building is the headquarters for the MMCM, which is at the intersection of Stanley Rd and Route 202 in Winthrop.  Customers can get and fill out an order form and drop their medical marijuana samples in the secure box between 11 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday.

“How do I know the cannabis I’m buying is safe and effective?”

That is a question many Maine cannabis consumers are asking medical caregivers these days. One reason is that they’re getting used to seeing Adult Use marijuana retailers and producers post detailed testing information about potency, pesticides, heavy metals, mold and more to comply with strict testing rules under the Adult Use program. A growing number of Maine consumers desire similar testing info from medical caregivers, too, and the market demand is inspiring caregivers and manufacturers to voluntarily test their products. The team at Nova Labs takes pride in helping consumers and caregivers get the safety and quality information they need to make informed decisions about their medicine.

To set up a testing account, or to request a sample pickup, contact Nova Labs at 207-466-4661, or visit the lab location at 65 Milliken St in Portland. To reach the MMCM, call Cheryl at 207-596-3501 or visit