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Certification Providers

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Augusta: Maine Medical Certifications 

Call for TeleMed Appointment! 207-203-9029
$49.00 Medical Cannabis Certifications Available
The process is easy & secure. Digital card will be sent through the mail same day or
arrangements can be made to be picked up at : Homegrown Healthcare Offices
Winthrop Office
662 Stanley Road, Winthrop, Me 04364
Augusta Office
393 Western Avenue, Augusta, ME 04330

Doctors & Nurses Accepting Patients

These are physicians and nurses who are willing to accept new patients and discuss the use of medicinal marijuana as a possible treatment option. These health care providers do not promise to give any patient a recommendation. They are simply willing to have an appointment with you to discuss this medicine and your qualifications.

Finding a Physician

There are growing numbers of doctors and nurses throughout the state willing to make the medical marijuana recommendation to patients with qualifying medical conditions.

We recommend you have an initial discussion with your primary care doctor. Many primary care physicians work for federally-funded health care facilities, and are prohibited from writing a certification for medical use of marijuana, but many will refer you to a doctor who is allowed to make a recommendation.