Legislative Committee

Meet Our Legislative Members

They are actively at the State House working with Legislators to help keep our Medical Program in place.

Catherine Lewis

Chair / Director of Education Central Maine


Homegrown Healthcare of Maine & Business Solutions of Maine, Winthrop.

Catherine Lewis was born in Augusta Maine in 1969. She spent her younger years in Alaska then moved back to Boothbay, Maine where she met her now husband Glenn in junior high. Together they have two grown children and one grandson. Catherine studied nursing and in 1992 became a CNA at St. Andrews Hospital and home hospice aide for several years before leaving the field to work in business sales. Catherine was a founding member and President of the Hallowell Rotary where they helped build 3 libraries and feed hundreds in the impoverished areas of the Philippines. She was the first female commercial sales inspector for Modern Pest Control, was Presidents Club winner for ADP Payroll Services, 100% Club winner for Paychex Payroll Services and Director of Sales for Combined Management in 2011. In 2012 she started her own small business consulting firm Business Solutions of Maine LLC Where She Provides Payroll services, Insurance services and new business formations and Cannabis Licensing Set up.

In 1990 Glenn and I had a head-on collision and suffered severe internal and back injuries. After years of pharmaceutical use and multiple surgeries, we decided to try natural alternatives and became medical cannabis patients having great success in treating ourselves and later became caregivers to be able to help others with quest for health and healing. We started our own alternative wellness consulting and specialty garden business, Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC where we specialize in helping those with cancer, and ptsd and pain. In 2010 we joined many others in a group called the Affirmative Defense Action Committee to help restructure the Medical Marijuana Program through LD 1296 that is now voted the #1 medical cannabis program for patients in the Nation by the Americans for Safe Access Org. In 2011 I was asked to join the board of MMCM Trade Association to help advocate for patient and caregiver rights at the state legislature. I became the director of education in 2012 and started teaching a variety of classes at the University of Maine in Augusta Klahr Center and various locations across the state to educate patients, caregivers, law enforcement and anyone interested in learning about the Medical Cannabis Program laws, business set up, client care, cultivation and more. Together with other board members and volunteers, I helped create the largest industry trade show (Home Grown Maine) on the east coast for the past 5 years. I became the Chair of the Board for MMCM in September 2015

Hon. Eddie DuGay


Harvest Consulting LLC, 31 Water Street, Hallowell, Me 04347-207-812-2074

Business owner and trusted advocate Eddie DuGuy has joined the Board of Directors of MMCM, bringing extensive government relations, economic development and coalition building experience to the Board. 

As a former lawmaker, Eddie Dugay has a valuable insight into how public policy is shaped, especially relating to Maine’s medical marijuana industry. 

Eddie has a proven ability to work collaboratively with lawmakers of both parties. 

Eddie is a veteran, a former member of Maine’s House of Representatives, and has advised countless businesses throughout Maine through Harvest Consulting. He was also the Economic Director for the Passamaquoddy tribe. 

More recently, Eddie has established two Medical Cannabis stores with a dozen employees. He knows first-hand the challenges facing the industry today and looks forward to working with MMCM to advance public education, state and federal legislation, and coordinated advocacy throughout the state.  

Shanna Souza

 Assistant Treasurer


Homegrown of Augusta

Shanna Souza was born in New Bedford Mass in 1975. She moved to Maine at the age of 11 in 1987. She took Business and Accounting classes. She started working at the age of 14 and worked her way up to management positions for restaurants and retail stores. In 1999, Shanna started “SLS Enterprises” a bookkeeping business to work part time for an accounting office, while still working in management. In 2000, Shanna was able to open her own Mom and Pop store in Monmouth, called “Monmouth Market” and another in 2004 called “Roadside Bakery & Café”. In 2007, Shanna took on a position as a part time Pharmacy Tech and Wellness Ambassador for Rite aid up until 2014, when she decided to become active in helping the Medical Cannabis patients. In 2016 Shanna became a Caregiver and opened Homegrown of Augusta in 2019.

I am a Medical Cannabis patient and an Owner of Homegrown of Augusta in Central Maine. I became a volunteer for MMCM in early 2014 at their 3rd annual Homegrown Maine Trade Show, I helped with the informational sessions and classes that MMCM hosted. Working with many advocates in the Medical Cannabis community, I learned so much and became very passionate about keeping the Medical Cannabis Program protected. I was selected to become a board member and the Treasurer of MMCM in September of 2014. I help keep track of the daily operations and finances for MMCM. I am working daily to help protect the program, so patients will have safe access to their medicine. I help Teach the classes for MMCM, so that all attendees understand the laws, rules and regulations involved in the Medical Cannabis industry, along with the business and client care. Also involved in helping with information for patient orientations, at various physician locations, for patients to know their rights and responsibilities. I enjoy dedicating my time to MMCM.

Susan W Meehan


A 2012 graduate with a Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College (Maryland), Meehan brings to the table diligent research backed by a 1991 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Fairfield University (Connecticut). With a unique combination of the analytical and the humanities, Meehan has worked most of her adult life in some form of education. Meehan’s diverse skill set includes solid writing and communication abilities, research and analysis, negotiation and networking, and medical experience from an Emergency Medical Technician/Volunteer Firefighter background as well as perspective as the parent of a medically fragile child. A ten-year employee of the Mohegan Tribal Government in Connecticut where she served as Cultural Outreach Specialist, Meehan retired in 2013 to move to Maine to legally access marijuana to save her daughter’s life. Cyndimae has Dravet Syndrome Epilepsy, a catastrophic form of epilepsy characterized by seizures that do not respond to typical medications. As of December 2015, for the first time in her life, Cyndimae has a virtually normal background EEG (brain waves). Additionally, using tinctures made from specific Maine-grown THCA/THC high strains, Cyndimae is having seizures once or twice a week instead of hundreds a day. Including all the various seizure types she has, Cyndimae’s seizures are over 99% reduced using cannabis. In 2014, Meehan started regularly contacting her state representatives and attending legislative hearings that involved marijuana. Meehan and her daughter have earned MMCM’s Patient Advocacy recognition for two consecutive years. Meehan feels strongly that this plant that has saved her daughter’s life should be a first line treatment for many diseases at a doctor’s and patient’s discretion. Additionally, Meehan deems it unconstitutional to restrict access to this plant thereby restricting people’s freedom of movement, their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Meehan’s long-term goals include working toward federal de-scheduling and deregulation of this life-saving plant that was once the cornerstone of American pharmacopeia, early American farms, and many sustainable industries.

Bridget Danis


Bridget Danis, a lifelong Mainer, has worked in social service program administration and policy management for over 2 decades at the local, county and state levels. Bridget understands the importance of education and open-mindedness when opinions differ, but the objective is similar. In her various capacities, she has advocated for personal rights and reasonable approaches to needed regulations to protect health and safety. Bridget studied education and art and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from U. Maine at Farmington. Currently, Bridget works for the Department and Health and Human Services, and she has recently joined MMCM to assist the organization with its efforts to preserve and expand safe access for patients choosing alternative medicine. As a cancer survivor, she offers her compassion and admiration for those who have battled for the medical program since the beginning. As a member of MMCM, she will offer her personal viewpoint, challenge conversations, and support the mission of MMCM.