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Home Grown Maine Trade Show & EXPO


Where as we were not able to have our June HGM Trade Show & EXPO this year due to the Coronavirus.... We would like to offer a


2020 Christmas Event on the website!


Where you can see the "Christmas Special" each of the vendors of the event has to offer. You will be able to click over to their website to purchase, or receive a "code" to use for the "Christmas Special" they are offering in their retail store.   The Ads for each Vendor will be up on the website by December 1st, 2020.

Everyone, please stay Safe & Healthy during the Holiday. Hopefully we will be able to entertain everyone next year with our ...


"2021 HGM Trade Show & EXPO"

*Vendors interested in participation please call the office 207-596-3501 (Mon-Wed 10am - 4pm)