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What Happened at the meeting with OMP?

Catherine Lewis, MMCM met with OMP on the 14th of January to discuss the Medical Use Draft Rules that  were released earlier in the week.  The meeting was productive, they did listen to her and others and asked questions.  We would like  to set up another meeting, which we are waiting back to hear from them in regards to a date and time.

If you had the chance to read the draft and have pieces of the rule that are important to you, please send us an email…we do not want to miss any concerns.  Again, please email any concerns, so we may share with all groups

Catherine also met with Dawson Julia, Cannabis Coalition and Mark Barnett, Maine Craft Cannabis.  Together we want to ensure rules put forth by the state will enhance not eliminate!

Watch for new information as we follow through with these meetings to share with you ways to participate in helping.

Another surprise…

Monday, 1/25/21 9:00am,   Legislature is showing  on the schedule

For  “Veterans and Legal Affairs” having a Committee meeting with the Department of Administrative & Financial Services, Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP)

If you are a member of the public and wish to observe the committee meeting, please connect to the Committee’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvfi88SlVram_puSIkm3Fw.

They are trying to move the Medical Program from DHHS to VLA.  This is where BABLO is-

This is where Veterans issues are- This is where the Lottery and Alcohol programs are-

This is NOT where medicine, the medical program should be!




Please become a member of MMCM, get involved, get more exclusive information

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