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10th Annual HGM Trade Show & EXPO

Our 10th Annual HGM Trade Show & EXPO went well considering COVID & Below zero weather. You can see channel 13 news Report, as well as a few pictures taken by Roger Leisner, The Maine Paparazzi. 

The Vendors were happy to finally get their new products out there, and the people certainly enjoyed seeing what was out there. I had great feedback from everyone, which I am happy to say “ We will be having another show in August of this year…   AUGUST 12, 13 & 14th, 2022

Watch for more information coming soon

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Home Grown Maine, the annual Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine trade show, was held at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, January 15, 2022. The first cold day of the winter (zero all day with high winds) and the continuing Covid Crisis, kept attendance low. About 400 hearty Maine cannabis fans visited the 30 plus vendors the first day of the weekend event.

CPA & CFO Christine De Angelis of Cultivate Consulting discussed cannabis business concerns with specialty accounting solutions, income tax preparation, CFO and controller services and business system implementation.

Civil Rights Attorney and Maine State Rep Lynne Williams spoke about the misuse of power by the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) in the creation of rules and regulations for medical cannabis caregivers. As a result, she introduced and got passed LD 1242 which  freezes Maine’s current medical marijuana rules, adds legislative oversight to future rule changes and creates more consultation with local caregivers and patients.

During a presentation by the Cannabis Council of Maine, Hallowell 420 owner/operator and former Maine State Rep.Edward DuGay spoke about the economic impact of cannabis and hemp legalization:

"That makes cannabis the state’s biggest crop, according to the Portland Press Herald, and worth more than other leading farm products such as potatoes, milk, hay and blueberries – even before including the impact of adult-use marijuana sales. The January-October data also means Maine has sold far more medical cannabis in the first 10 months of 2020 than it did for all of 2019, when medical marijuana sales totaled $109.2 million. The medical marijuana sales figures include sales from both dispensaries and registered MMJ caregivers. Caregiver sales captured 76% of the state medical cannabis market in 2019, according to the Press Herald. Currently there are 3,035 Caregivers, 5741 Caregiver employees and 649 Caregiver stores operating under more than 88 pages of rules created by the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP)."

Greg Newland, Chief Scientific Officer at Nova Analytic Labs, spoke about the importance of qualified labs testing for heavy metals and dangerous chemicals in cannabis and hemp.

"The Pineapple Express", the Sticky Bud Farms' bus, provided a warm lounge for cannabis consumption.

Photos of Home Grown Maine, the annual Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine trade show held at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, January 15, 2022 can be found at

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