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Patient information


Seeking a Physician

There are growing numbers of doctors throughout the state open to certifying patients with qualifying conditions for medical use of cannabis. We recommend you have an initial discussion with your primary care doctor. Many primary care providers are employed by health care groups that receive federal funding and prohibit their doctors from formally recommending the use of cannabis. If that is the case, they may refer you to a physician who is not prohibited from writing a certification for medical use of cannabis.

To receive protections under Maine's Medical Cannabis law, a patient must first obtain a certification from their Physician, on tamper proof paper, dated for one year, certifying the patient's debilitating medical condition for the purpose of medical cannabis treatment. A patient must have a valid driver's license or state id, along with the original certification form from their Doctor OR the state-issued ID Card on their person, in order to receive protections under the law.

Questions for your Doctor:

  • Will you provide me with a Certification for Medical cannabis treatment?
  • Will you refer me to a physician who may provide such a Certification?
  • What are the medical pros and cons of using such a treatment?

Is my Patient information submitted to any state or Federal data base?


Patient information is not captured or stored in this new system. A basic transaction history will be retained for statistical purposes, which include the date, name of the certifying medical provider, the zip code of the patient and whether the patient is over age 18. Medical provider login information and passwords will be encrypted.

How can I get a Cannabis Certification?

  1. Call your Primary Care Physician to see if they are registered to do Medical Cannabis Certifications. As it may be covered under your medical Insurance for a doctor’s visit.
  2. You must see a provider for the first time in person or by Telemedicine to establish a Doctor Patient Bonafide Relationship.
  3. MMCM Directory Medical Cannabis Certification Providers (All Providers in our Directory have been verified to do Medical Certifications for Maine patients)
  4. (Be aware of online medical card certifications, as there are many scams out there with online Services that are not valid in the Maine Medical Cannabis Program and the Cards, they issue may not be Valid.) Do Your Research to find a Valid Provider.
  5. You are allowed to use a Picture or Electronic Card to purchase cannabis with a Valid state ID (State ID must be the same as the Medical Certification Card issued)
  6. For those in Assisted living and residential care facilities, hospice, and nursing facilities, they are allowed to enact policies permitting the facility to house and assist patients with medical use of cannabis. Ask them about the policy they have around cannabis use and Certification.
  7. Most patients will no longer be required to designate a caregiver or dispensary.
  8. A patient who is under 18 years old, a patient who is receiving cannabis in a primary or secondary school, a patient in a long-term care facility that is administering the patient’s cannabis medicine, or a patient visiting from another state will still be required to designate a caregiver or dispensary to obtain medical cannabis.

Where do I get my Cannabis?

  1. MMCM Caregiver/Storefront Directory or Seach the Internet.
  2. You as a patient are allowed to choose where you get you cannabis from within the Medical Cannabis Registered providers in this state.
  3. Most patients do not need to designate a caregiver or a retail store front.
  4. A patient who is under 18 years old, who is receiving cannabis will need to have their legal Guardian purchase the medicine for them.


How much cannabis am I allowed to have, purchase, or cultivate.

  1. You are allowed to purchase 2 ½ ounces of cannabis products at a time.
  1. Patients can possess up to 8 pounds of “harvested” cannabis.  which includes cannabis concentrate and products.
  2. Patients may cultivate up to a total of 6 mature cannabis plants, 12 immature cannabis plants and unlimited seedlings.
  3. Two or more qualifying patients who are members of the same household and cultivating their own cannabis plants may share one cultivation area.
  4. Out of State Medical card Holding patients can purchase 2 1/2 Ounces of Cannabis Products Every 15 Days. Medical Cannabis Card and ID must be of the same the state. For more information Click link

For more information on the Cannabis Laws click link: